“Change happens when the pain of staying the same [becomes] greater than the pain of change.”      -Tony Robbins

Soylent: Food of the Future People

Soylent is a blend of vitamins and nutrients sold as a liquid meal replacement drink. Soylent tends to spark controversy among many, so I sought out to clear up some of the mysteries regarding Silicon Valley's favorite food. 

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"Do you have experience in sales?"

On my mission, it was not uncommon for me to need to sell services. Our organization taught English classes, and we often needed to pitch why the school/office/government organization should employ our teachers/volunteers.

I am an Eagle Scout, and every summer all through school, we'd go door-to-door selling a patriotic American flag service, where our troop would come by and plant a 4x6 foot American flag in their front yard on four patriotic holidays. I also often had to solicit service from neighbors or people in my community.

Other than that, I have done a lot of content creation for friends. I did not specifically market this talent of mine, but word gets around and most of my friends know I'm skilled with Photoshop, Vegas, and other programs.

"Describe the perfect culture for you."

My current company is amazing at perpetuating a positive and non-toxic culture in the office. We pride ourselves on a set of values that guides the way we work. We have many methods of motivating and praising each other, some of which have rewards that we can choose to give.

My perfect culture includes the same civility I have seen at my current position. I, in fact, recently watched a speech on this subject, in which Christine Porath tells of the cost of incivility. People who believe they are treated unfairly are far less productive and creative than those who are praised and feel empowered.

Being kind, yet firm, will get you far.

A Quote I Read Today

"He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail."
    -Abraham Maslow (rephrased)

First Post

Welcome to my site! If you're seeing this on the homepage, I'm probably still getting things set up. Bear with me, I've been working on this site a lot lately. For now, here are my links and a nice headshot of myself.