Hi, I'm Christopher Larson. I currently live in Austin, Texas. I study at Texas State University pursuing a Bachelor's in Finance. I have a passion for management, business and business ethics, investing, debt counseling, wealth management, and human resources.

You can navigate my site by using the buttons at the of the page. I post projects of mine, articles I write, and some posts are somewhat characteristic of a journal entry.

A big reason for starting my website was the realization that most of that which people consider hobbies in this day and age yield nothing to show for them. Nearly all of the kids near my age spend their free time pursuing hobbies that profit nothing. Many of us have the tenancy to spend weeks of time in one thing or another and yet hold no proof that they did anything of value at all. I want to host a collection of sorts of all the productive things I work on, that I and others may look back on them for years to come.

In addition, this site will serve as a professional portfolio to document how my career changes and evolves over time. I hope whoever visits will be, at least in some small way, encouraged, informed, or entertained by my words or projects.