Back to Roots: An Update

Tomorrow I will be moving back to Texas, where I grew up.

It's an interesting feeling heading back. I will be looking for work again. I figured I'd write a quick post as a supplement to my resume.

Since graduating High School, I studied two semesters at Brigham Young University in Utah. Between those two semesters, I served for two years as a volunteer service missionary across the different provinces of Thailand. These experiences are detailed in a book I have just published titled Four Thousand Miles to Faith.

After finishing my service, I worked and studied, both full-time. I worked at ASEA Global, managing the accounts and websites of associates all over Asia and Oceania. I spent Summer 2019 in Thailand, following up on some things in regards to my missionary work, as well as visiting my Fiance and son. I will start school this fall at Texas State University, seeking a Bachelor's of Finance.

I am passionate about self-improvement, interpersonal relations and management, personal finance, and Thailand. I love working with people and I love learning new things.