Graphs Will Set You Free

My boss has been applying for her direct supervisor's position, as that supervisor is resigning soon. I'm usually my boss's go-to guy for side projects, and this was one that made me smile a bit while working on it with her.

Where I work has some aspects of a call center, in that while we're working on accounts and shipments, we get phone calls and emails from our clients across the word in the markets we work in. My boss Chelsey wanted me to put together a chart that displayed everyone's comparative statistics.

For the sake of privacy, I've censored the names of my co-workers. One of the T's and the K are on a different team but work our shift, so the total percentage contribution is about 5% off. Allow me to define some terms - 

Total Contacts - The total amount of emails and calls handled by the representative in the time frame.
Missed Calls - Total missed calls
Calls per Hour - The average number of calls/emails a representative was able to handle per hour.
Average Handle Time - The average time it took the representative to complete a call or email.
Average Wrap Time - The average time between completing a contact and being ready for the next contact. I like to call this "cleanup time."
% of Team Contribution - The proportional percentage of a given associate's contribution to the total of the team. 

As you can see, I was above the standard for every criteria. For criteria where no goal had been set yet, I compared representatives' numbers based on the average. 

I was the only representative who scored above/below average (depending on which is favorable) in every category. I was pretty excited about that. I was able to get almost double the next highest representative in contacts per hour. I had done up to 48% of my team's contacts some nights.

Anyway, this was kind of a braggy post, I was just proud of it and wanted to give myself a public 'attaboy. I've been working on a social media evaluation of my current company, I'm not sure if I'll be given permission to post it on here or not though.